Fantastic expansion of local preschool

Blandford Opportunity Group, a local preschool, has recently expanded with the help of a lottery grant.  The grant was used to make a new room within the building of the Williams Opportunity Hall which the group now own.  The room was created by volunteers, staff, committee members and local tradesmen.

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The new room, called the butterfly room was built for the group to use as a main stream preschool, alongside our specialist additional needs facility.  There is a definite lack of preschool places in Blandford for children who have just turned 2 years old, so the group are welcoming children after their second birthday to come and join us.

We will of course continue to welcome any child with additional needs to use our specialised 1:1 services, equipment and resources.  All children will have full access to our fantastic sensory room, outside play area, IT Technology, music room and all three playrooms.  Please have a look at our website and contact the Group to find out about available spaces for your child.

Please call 01258 456187 or email

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